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Cycling is a good fitness exercise. When riding a bike, you can hum a little song while watching the beautiful scenery on the roadside. You can't help but feel like a sunny spring. Riding a bike is simple and easy to learn I can do things that are more difficult, such as forward tilt, backward tilt, rapid braking, and drifting. Now I can do it easily and easily. However, when I was young, I had a lot of hardships in learning to ride a bike. Riding a bike was really difficult for a three-year-old. My knees were always green and purple Newport Cigarettes Coupons, but I never flinched. I remember when I first learned to ride, my father took me to practice at the Four Heights playground (the playground is only used for sports games). My father supported the rear frame for me. I rode the bicycle and ride forward with confidence, but I do n��t know when my father looses When I opened my hand, I felt that the car was like a drunk man, swaying, swaying, and suddenly, "slamming", the car took someone to the ground, and my hand was scratched a little bit, and my tears hurt. Dad hurried over to check on my injury and encouraged me to say, "How can this little injury scare our brave heroes? Stand up, son, perseverance is victory, continue to practice! After listening to my father's words, I wanted to shrink back I started practicing again, but ca n��t let Dad look down on me! I rode the bike again, and Dad let go when I was n��t paying attention. I felt like the tires were deliberately messing up Cheap Cigarettes, I started a crazy dance, and I fell again. I stood up, grimacing my dad while supporting my bicycle, and I was not afraid of falling! After countless falls, I finally grasped the know-how of cycling, and I succeeded! I erected myself Thumb. Whenever I see my brother riding astutely, I tilted forward and drifted abruptly for a while, as if I was performing, I was amazed. I also decided to practice hard, challenge myself, and learn some difficult movements I remember when I practiced drifting, because the speed was too fast, the brakes were too tight, I fell on the ground with a scallion, and a big jujube-like bag suddenly appeared on my head. However, I ca n��t always When it is a little dangerous, I hold back! I seriously sum up my experience and learn lessons. When turning, I gently swing the front of the car, a handsome drift has been practiced. In addition to the more difficult movements such as forward tilt, rear tilt, and sudden braking, when I ride, my good friends not only applaud me, but also give me a thumbs up. Thumbs up: I am the best! I can overcome difficulties, I can do it!
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