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Fiercely one is deep-fried to ring Antworten

"Extremely conceited!"
The broom eyebrow the old chuckles a , hand a stretch, back carry on the back of one handle the pale green color lance was a hand in, shine in glory in the sunlight under, but that handle lance flow to drip pale green color light dizzy.Present other inborn the strongs Be all silent to see this act ……want to join this camp, have to have a little real strenght.
If is famous, everyone can't hamper.
Can have no reputation, have never seen of person.Affirmation wants to make moves to see how your means is!
"I free and unfettered temple 《 east China nine swords 》, Be optimistic about."The broom eyebrow old voice is still remembering, the whole individual suddenly changes into a together green remnants shadow.
Fiercely one is deep-fried to ring!
The Teng green mountain remains station at first a moved don't move, but that broom eyebrow old was to connect to back three, had a surprised color in the eyes.All of the inborn that the original surroundings is cool to enjoy a play strong s are that the complexions Be tiny to change, especially shoot five superiors who carry on the back absolute being bow of the absolute being mountain in days, all the surprise looking at knife fragment in the flying of ground.
A handle flies knife, can let the strong earthquake of solid Dan of an inborn back 3!
This strength that flies to instill in the knife must have 23100,000 catties most at least!Such concealed weapon superior, can not small Qu.
"Did I go out to stroll 1 turn?Is each and then make Teng to get up?The gloves of person's hands in"the open laughter rings out, sees the big fellow that 1 cover with to spread a head, look like savage country people ride a head of demon monster' black clouded leopard' sway leisurely wear came in, he glimpses a Teng green mountain, ", is'eagle claw in the sky'the weapon of Wei's list, should be spreading of Wei's list person.Need not begin to measure land?"
"Eagle claw in the sky?"Many person's surprise saw the gloves of one eye Teng green mountain hands.
1 pair looks like common gloves, if not is to study history, very difficult a see.
"Is Wei list old-timer to spread a person!The list elder generation of Wei from eagle claw in sky, more than 600 year agos are ex- a row 《placard in the sky 》 ten superiors."That white tunic youth faces to come over and says with smile, " my Liu Xiu is also to walk alone world, Qin Lang Xiong, walk, see with me'black Hou'eldest brother elder brother."
"Black Hou?"The Teng green mountain gets a shock.
Black Hou, 《placard in the sky 》 ranks the first, the person calls'monster king'.

Chapter 22 is strong to cooperate
For legendary in the super strong of《placard in the sky 》 row first'black Hou', the Teng green mountain admires very much.
According to in the record on《placard in the sky 》 , all things of the universe door's this black Hou, have no door to have no parties.Since the childhood life at burning continent frontier country, because of home town close to wild.So, this black Hou liked into since the childhood wild ……so, toughens whole body geezer skill.Rumours, this'monster king'the black Hou own to communicate with birds and beasts of ability.
And, his incomparable skill 《monster Wang Quan 》 is also him from create.
"Depend one person's dint, probably once got some inside strength Mi book.But, can from create 《monster Wang Quan 》 , is also a row 《placard in the sky 》 first, more than 30 years, no man can move.This'black Hou'absolutely is a fantastic person."The Teng green mountain follows that white tunic youth'Liu Xiu', the dynasty side walks.
"Qin Lang Xiong, this is a black Hou eldest brother elder brother."Liu Xiu says.
The Teng green mountain surprised Cha looking at in the moment, this rides dissolute unruly savage country people of black clouded leopard ……still is really a don't judge a person by his appearance.This savage country people is unexpectedly legendary 《placard in the sky 》 first, 'monster king'black Hou.
"Qin Lang once sees black Hou eldest brother."The Teng green mountain arch hand way.
"Ha ha, we are previous, meet once, to?"This black Hou corner of mouth starts to be suffused with a silk to smile an idea.
Teng green mountain tiny tiny one Zheng, then nod.
"Ha ha ……very good, you came.We these free inborn the strong add and also have six."The black Hou is thin to smile a direction the distance is not, " there, be dressed in the woman of green Shan, call water imperial concubine!The old man of that hair whole whiteses makes the clock leave a wood.There, guy go to bed on the tree Cha, is my brothers'100 inside great'.At present Liu Xiu also knew."

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