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25.10.2019 11:42
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The spring breeze of reform and opening up has blown us to the small county town of Jianning, which has brought about tremendous changes. Jianning has become more and more beautiful and more and more cute. The road to Jianning has changed. The muddy loess road turned into a spacious and straight hardened road. In the past, when it rained, the loess road became muddy, even if it was wearing rain boots, it would splash; even if the sun was shining, the wind was beautiful, the loess road was soaking, and the pedestrians were all smashed; now, the hardening road Connected to the townships and villages Cigarettes For Sale, the use of home appliances outside, the village's pear fruit, bamboo and stone, etc. shipped out, farmers have been rich in the head. In the near future, Jianning will have to adjust the highway, pass the railway, and Jianning will have a greater development. The mountain of Jianning has changed. The original barren hills and thatched hills are now planted with huanghuali, peaches, and Nanfeng oranges. They are planted with bamboo, saplings, etc., and they are full of green and oily eyes. Even the trees are planted alongside the trees. Now that the trees have grown up, they are both beautiful and economical, and the farmers�� wallets are bulging like balloons. It is really the mountains and mountains that have become Jinshan and Yinshan Newport Cigarettes Coupons. The life of Jianning people has changed. It turns out that most farmers live in low-rise wooden houses. They are walking in the market. A good family has a black-and-white TV set that can only collect a few channels... Now Newport 100S, the house where the peasants live is spacious and bright. People in the city also sighed; they had color TVs, refrigerators, and motorcycles, and some people bought BMW and Mercedes. Farmers have also mechanized farming, ploughing iron bulls, transplanting transplanters, harvesting harvesters, all these changes, all brought about by the party and the country's policy of enriching the people, and brought about by the good national policy of reform and opening up! Looking ahead, my hometown will definitely be better.
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