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06.11.2019 08:42
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Mom, I always wanted to tell you Cigarettes For Sale. I still remember that when I was in elementary school, under the strict guidance of my mother, my grades were OK. But after entering junior high school, you are loose on me. What I care about more about me is my body. In the winter, when you look at my red all-in-one, it seems that the hand that is about to burst and shed blood, immediately distressed, and bought me a glass that can heat up without thinking, in fact, it is not so easy to use, but when you heard that This kind of good thing was bought for me immediately Marlboro Red, which took you a few days of hard work. In the same way, the mother's hand must be very cold, but also warm. Instead of buying this expensive glass, you might as well buy a few hot water bottles to warm your hands. I can't say the gratitude in my heart, but I really didn't say "thank you". I am thinking, why can't I say this "thank you"! At that time, I thought that it was too nauseating to say this. I am a 16-year-old teenager. Even if the children would say something, I would not dare to say anything. I am too silent. When I was eating on Saturday, you suddenly asked about my grades. In fact, you knowingly asked, the teacher must have sent the results to the mobile phone. My answer is just a "hmm" because we understand each other. And I saw that you only sighed there, I understand why you sigh, so I want to say: "Sorry, Mom, I will definitely get a beautiful result next time." But this sentence swallowed up with the food. in. It echoed in the stomach, and spit out sour, bitter, and spicy. On that day, I am going back to my mp3, of course you don't agree. Under my pleading, it miraculously returned to the hand. You don't say a word when you look at it, and I can't say a word when I look at you. The gratitude was swallowed by me, and it smelled sweet. The strict mother left me, and gradually came a kind mother, a mother I dreamed of when I was a child. But for such a mother, I can't say a word. Is it that the more we grow up, the less communication we have with each other? I hope that I am the one who can open heart with my mother. I always wanted to say to you: "I'm sorry, thank you!" [5] My world is big and big, but I have a small world of my own. In the small corner of my world, there is a box that records the purest time of my childhood. My sister, sister and me, the three of us often play together when we are young, and the most played is the house. Once, the three of us gathered together, but we didn't want to play the game of the house. This game is tired. Our three languidly sit on the steps. After a while, I said, "It��s boring. If all three of us become princesses at once, how good it should be," said the sister, who ran into it, picked up the cloth on the table, and put it on her body Newport 100S. Ask us, she doesn't look like a princess, I feel like my sister, and I ran over to take the cloth and put it on my body. Because the cloth was too long, we went to take the scissors, cut the cloth, cut it, and then Dad came back. I saw his cloth become like this, very angry, and counted us down. We want to play the princess game, of course, the beautiful necklace and jewelry of the princess. The three of us tried our best to t
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