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The list knee kneels down to receive tea Antworten

At the moment, believe in a lord to return non-arrival, it is an one laughter to pour inside the big palace, very casually.
"Is old strict, we this row most before who are 2 people ?Can sit at four get a front generally."The Teng green mountain low voice inquiry way.
The strict Ge of flank is also an unification to get one of troops all all.
"Green mountain, those 2 people's ones are rather rivers county city of'district magistrate', the another is a city Wei soldier of'general'.They are two, but control that to fully have 80,000 of number of'city Wei soldier'.The city in"the strict Ge small voice says, " Wei soldier, although all is from we the black A soldier kicks out to go to, can the person is many, also the troops whom we return a dollar religion to protect old nest."
"Is them!"
In the Teng green mountain heart a move.
Because the black AN army commander period keeps 6,000 of number, and want the person who get into the black A soldier is a lot of, in fact many person's real strenght are also very good, can remain be kicked!So, return a dollar religion those people, accept to permit to go into the city a Wei soldier!River rather city Wei soldier, number 80,000!Is the whole river rather the troops of biggest amount inside the county.
Certainly, if in the plain, fight face to face, 6,000 black A, be good enough to exterminate 80,000 city Wei soldier!
But, if 80,000 city Wei soldier, with river rather the high big city wall of county to defend, even if 6,000 black A, also difficult offend to break.
"This is to return a dollar religion!"Feel deeply about in the Teng green mountain heart, 6,000 black As of an elite, an amount huge training has a vegetable of 80,000 city Wei soldier.Core pupil near myriad people, the outer circle pupil is more countless.This is to return a dollar religion and completely rule a river rather relying on of county!
At this time-
What three figures outside walked to come in from the big palace, is a head is exactly a white a month full-length gown, cover with to spread a long-haired various Ge dollar Hong.At he after death 2 people, one is a hair flower white of the old, be dressed in simple cloth dress, but another one person, vision electricity, vehemence relentless, seeing the age should just middle age.
"Uncle Shi, teacher Bo Zu, you Please sit down."Various Ge dollar the Hong Be thin to say with smile.
The inching Gong body of those 2 people, sit on the left row, right row respectively and then and very naturally of first.
"They 2!"The Teng green mountain heart neutral namely figures out, " these 2 people, be return a dollar religion legendary of'enforce the law elder'?"Is these days at the black A soldier, the Teng green mountain once heard as well'enforce the law elder', enforce the law an elder position the highest, only compare to believe in a lord just a little a little bit low.
But anotherly get generally, district magistrate, elder, protect a method and all all etc. person, the positions all want to ascend low to be many.
Inside the big palace, treat the various Ge dollar Hong sit down, other talented persons all sit down.
"Green mountain!"Various Ge dollar the Hong Be thin to smile openings.
The Teng green mountain immediately starts, Gong body:"Believe in a lord!"At the moment the public, haven't formally done obeisance teacher, the Teng green mountain still needs to call for'believe in a lord'.
"Green mountain he lived in the forest since the childhood, with world naturally for teacher, created his marksmanship!Being young was also a shot to kill that'the blood month knife'Meng farmland.The flame mountain is one service, the black and white of the free and unfettered temple two elders cooperate to deal with a green mountain, and the green mountain the slightest doesn't is placed in a leeway!Ha ha, green mountain he is good Pu jade just, today, I various Ge dollar the Hong formally accept the green mountain as pupil, everybody total certificate!"The various Ge dollar Hong says with a smile.
The Teng green mountain immediately comes forward and once connected a flank maid cup within plate.
The list knee kneels down to receive tea!
"Teacher drinks tea!"Teng green mountain polite way.
The various Ge dollar Hong smiled to answer and drank two people, then put to one side and smiled to nod:"Since today, green mountain, you are that I return a dollar religion the 27th generation pupil!After, more the diligence makes great effort and steps into the territory of inborn soon."Doing obeisance teacher process is in fact easy, drank to do obeisance teacher tea, even if became.
"BE, teacher."Teng green mountain polite way.
"Get up."Various Ge dollar the Hong Be thin to say with smile.

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