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Pass a green lake island Antworten

"Elder brother, dad?"Green rain is hard and self-confident, full is a surprise in the eyes.
"Any elder brother!"Originally still lie on the Yuan orchid on the plank car, unexpectedly explode an astonishing energy, one bone Lu climbs, even the shoes all too late wear, barefoot dynasty Teng green mountain and Teng any always runs.
"Any elder brother!"Yuan orchid face ascend full is the color of surprise, the tears cannot help but flowing bottom, run so to the Teng always any in front.
The chair has already let go of, Teng any always sits so on the chair.
"Any elder brother."
" Orchid."
Teng any always also tightly embraces his/her own wife, 2 people since the childhood childhood friends, the disturbances walks and has already all canned not got away from the other party during a lifetime.
"I think.I think you ……"the Yuan orchid cry badly and lower the head to see toward the Teng always any of leg, "any elder brother, your leg ……"
"Can escape to return to a life Be getting more quite good."Teng any always peeps out one silk smiling face, " orchid, my walking all don't go hereafter."
Yuan orchid face ascend full is tears:"After, I serve you."
The Teng green mountain sees this act, the heart bottom is loose one breath.If the father really died, mother may also so an every day sad, down in health bottom to until death.However the father is on the hoof to come back now, mother's in the mind no longer wants to die!The mother who has already drunk Zhu Guo Jiu, the body is still good.
"This descends good."Old clan long Teng cloud dragon smilingly comes over here, " is on the hoof good, on the hoof good!"He once saw too many death and broke a leg to break arm, Teng cloud Long Jian was getting tooer many.
At this time, old clan long Teng cloud dragon, the hands are embracing wine pot.
"Grandfather, your hand a good many?"The Teng green mountain asks a way, when the troops of green lake island come over to catch a person, the grandfather's hands bone earthquake broke.
"O.K., one hands although discarding can not take a heavy thing to do heavy live.However, embrace some light things to pour also Be free."Teng cloud dragon embraces the hands of wine bottle gourd to have to tremble unclearly.
The Teng green mountain once links that wine bottle gourd, dismantled in the wine cup of wine bottle gourd the cover and fell flop one cup for father first'Zhu Guo Jiu'.
"Dad drinks bottoms to the body a good many."The Teng green mountain passes to pass by.
Teng any always tooks a look oneself's son and smiles to nod to once connect this wine cup:"H'm, the wine of the good joss-stick.Green mountain, I make me drink the best wine, quite good."Immediately on facing upward, drink off a cup wine clean, close behind Teng any is always surprised facial expression a change:"What wine, very strong!"
An intensely hot energy quickly floods Teng always any whole body.
Is original because losing blood is excessive, but the vitality greatly harm of the body quickly add depletion, even be all quickly promoting at the body characters, only one cup Zhu Guo Jiu, even if Teng any always harms to like greater half, the strength more and greatly increases.
"What wine is this ?"Teng any always stare big eyes, is very shocked.
"Zhu Guo Jiu.Affair in"flank ground Teng cloud dragon say, " I after a while, again slowly say with you, green mountain ……your dad also came back, this bottom, you need not go again to greatly postpone mountain."
"I still occupy."The Teng green mountain says.
Pass a green lake island?
How may!
The brother-in-law dies, the father suffers to whet so more difficult paralyze again, almost even have no lives!The half generation sons all want to live in a chair, bed after the at the thought of father up, the Teng green mountain deplores greatly.Originally he joins to return a dollar religion and be a black A soldier to get generally etc., all for wanting to let Chuang in the Teng house live to be well, want to make the parents better.
If isn't such ……
Teng green mountain perhaps and early a person alone rush world, pursue Wu Dao highest point.
However, he tries very hard to to want to protect like this, can because of himself, the father encounters difficult, the brother-in-law dies more.
"Green mountain."Teng any always connects a way, " doesn't go, don't with their Dou, green lake island ……those are one of world eight greatest religious sectses, we, Dou however theirs!"From now on paralyze, can not beat iron, even in can walk no further road, Teng any is always superficially totally unconcerned.But ……who paralyzed an in the mind pleasurable?

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