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  • Fiercely one is deep-fried to ringDatum23.03.2023 02:37
    Thema von gdshutter im Forum Alle Beiträge

    "Extremely conceited!"
    The broom eyebrow the old chuckles a , hand a stretch, back carry on the back of one handle the pale green color lance was a hand in, shine in glory in the sunlight under, but that handle lance flow to drip pale green color light dizzy.Present other inborn the strongs Be all silent to see this act ……want to join this camp, have to have a little real strenght.
    If is famous, everyone can't hamper.
    Can have no reputation, have never seen of person.Affirmation wants to make moves to see how your means is!
    "I free and unfettered temple 《 east China nine swords 》, Be optimistic about."The broom eyebrow old voice is still remembering, the whole individual suddenly changes into a together green remnants shadow.
    Fiercely one is deep-fried to ring!
    The Teng green mountain remains station at first a moved don't move, but that broom eyebrow old was to connect to back three, had a surprised color in the eyes.All of the inborn that the original surroundings is cool to enjoy a play strong s are that the complexions Be tiny to change, especially shoot five superiors who carry on the back absolute being bow of the absolute being mountain in days, all the surprise looking at knife fragment in the flying of ground.
    A handle flies knife, can let the strong earthquake of solid Dan of an inborn back 3!
    This strength that flies to instill in the knife must have 23100,000 catties most at least!Such concealed weapon superior, can not small Qu.
    "Did I go out to stroll 1 turn?Is each and then make Teng to get up?The gloves of person's hands in"the open laughter rings out, sees the big fellow that 1 cover with to spread a head, look like savage country people ride a head of demon monster' black clouded leopard' sway leisurely wear came in, he glimpses a Teng green mountain, ", is'eagle claw in the sky'the weapon of Wei's list, should be spreading of Wei's list person.Need not begin to measure land?"
    "Eagle claw in the sky?"Many person's surprise saw the gloves of one eye Teng green mountain hands.
    1 pair looks like common gloves, if not is to study history, very difficult a see.
    "Is Wei list old-timer to spread a person!The list elder generation of Wei from eagle claw in sky, more than 600 year agos are ex- a row 《placard in the sky 》 ten superiors."That white tunic youth faces to come over and says with smile, " my Liu Xiu is also to walk alone world, Qin Lang Xiong, walk, see with me'black Hou'eldest brother elder brother."
    "Black Hou?"The Teng green mountain gets a shock.
    Black Hou, 《placard in the sky 》 ranks the first, the person calls'monster king'.

    Chapter 22 is strong to cooperate
    For legendary in the super strong of《placard in the sky 》 row first'black Hou', the Teng green mountain admires very much.
    According to in the record on《placard in the sky 》 , all things of the universe door's this black Hou, have no door to have no parties.Since the childhood life at burning continent frontier country, because of home town close to wild.So, this black Hou liked into since the childhood wild ……so, toughens whole body geezer skill.Rumours, this'monster king'the black Hou own to communicate with birds and beasts of ability.
    And, his incomparable skill 《monster Wang Quan 》 is also him from create.
    "Depend one person's dint, probably once got some inside strength Mi book.But, can from create 《monster Wang Quan 》 , is also a row 《placard in the sky 》 first, more than 30 years, no man can move.This'black Hou'absolutely is a fantastic person."The Teng green mountain follows that white tunic youth'Liu Xiu', the dynasty side walks.
    "Qin Lang Xiong, this is a black Hou eldest brother elder brother."Liu Xiu says.
    The Teng green mountain surprised Cha looking at in the moment, this rides dissolute unruly savage country people of black clouded leopard ……still is really a don't judge a person by his appearance.This savage country people is unexpectedly legendary 《placard in the sky 》 first, 'monster king'black Hou.
    "Qin Lang once sees black Hou eldest brother."The Teng green mountain arch hand way.
    "Ha ha, we are previous, meet once, to?"This black Hou corner of mouth starts to be suffused with a silk to smile an idea.
    Teng green mountain tiny tiny one Zheng, then nod.
    "Ha ha ……very good, you came.We these free inborn the strong add and also have six."The black Hou is thin to smile a direction the distance is not, " there, be dressed in the woman of green Shan, call water imperial concubine!The old man of that hair whole whiteses makes the clock leave a wood.There, guy go to bed on the tree Cha, is my brothers'100 inside great'.At present Liu Xiu also knew."

  • The Teng green mountain connects to nodDatum23.03.2023 02:33
    Thema von gdshutter im Forum Alle Beiträge

    His son'Teng green mountain'is severe!
    But, again severe, how the possible Dou once got a huge monster sort of'green lake island'?Connect whole return a dollar religions all Dou however, don't even say a very small Teng green mountain.For the sake of the son's safety, Teng any always doesn't think that the son so is.
    "Do not go."Yuan orchid eyes in also expecting is full, misgiving.
    BE revenging and the son choose, they certainly choose and make the son lead ground thoroughly.
    "Trust, dad!Your son isn't a simpleton, foolishly hurtle to kill."The Teng green mountain extrudes smiling face, comfort parents, " since the childhood, you once saw your son from overestimate own ability of walk into death?"
    Teng any always listens to, this political ability is tiny to trust.
    Since the childhood, the Teng green mountain work to really have much of proper restraint, really isn't that kind of brains heat recklessly of person.
    "Green mountain."Teng always any formally way, " that go to we Chuang in the Teng house, strong line of want to take me, the green Hao still has you always brother-in-law Xiang of that rides soldier's leader and needs to be regained the soldier of silver Jiao big camp on the way, I discover, many non-commissioned officers all respectully call him BE'little island lord'."
    "Is him!"Teng green mountain heart in not from upsurge one to kill idea.
    Is a thou a life time friend!
    In fact in those early years at the flame mountain first sight thou a life time friend, that ancient life time friend was to have a competition with other people, beat half-way stopped to admit defeat ……still had in Wu An Jun's city, the winter plum selection ran into ancient life time friend and twice met, the Teng green mountain discovered this thou a life time friend is more false cunning person.But have never thought ……
    A life time friend this thou, cunning arrive strong oneself about to the father grasp pass by.
    "Thou a life time friend, I necessarily kill you."The Teng any heart bottom intention to murder always dashes about.
    Teng always any but is a close behind way:"Green mountain, the very obvious this little island lord is to have enemy hatred with you!So ……whatever you do, you have to watch out for and slice ability the gist not."Teng always any oneself only and perhaps the son also don't know that main this person man's natural character in the little island, so connect to remind.Prevent°from that little island lord in oneself's son'thou a life time friend'of recruit.
    "H'm, I will be carefully."
    The Teng green mountain connects to nod.
    The Teng green mountain grows up, is again a black A soldier to get generally, high status!So Teng always any and Yuan orchid, how again also can persuade a Teng green mountain, they can not force a Teng green mountain not to go.Because in the Teng always any 2 people's eyes in ……they are two to are all husband and wife in the countries, the taste can not compare with son.
    The son's choice, they can't make decision for it.
    The Teng green mountain takes some foods and makes change clothes and then and quickly rushes through back to greatly postpone mountain.

  • Pass a green lake islandDatum23.03.2023 02:27
    Thema von gdshutter im Forum Alle Beiträge

    "Elder brother, dad?"Green rain is hard and self-confident, full is a surprise in the eyes.
    "Any elder brother!"Originally still lie on the Yuan orchid on the plank car, unexpectedly explode an astonishing energy, one bone Lu climbs, even the shoes all too late wear, barefoot dynasty Teng green mountain and Teng any always runs.
    "Any elder brother!"Yuan orchid face ascend full is the color of surprise, the tears cannot help but flowing bottom, run so to the Teng always any in front.
    The chair has already let go of, Teng any always sits so on the chair.
    "Any elder brother."
    " Orchid."
    Teng any always also tightly embraces his/her own wife, 2 people since the childhood childhood friends, the disturbances walks and has already all canned not got away from the other party during a lifetime.
    "I think.I think you ……"the Yuan orchid cry badly and lower the head to see toward the Teng always any of leg, "any elder brother, your leg ……"
    "Can escape to return to a life Be getting more quite good."Teng any always peeps out one silk smiling face, " orchid, my walking all don't go hereafter."
    Yuan orchid face ascend full is tears:"After, I serve you."
    The Teng green mountain sees this act, the heart bottom is loose one breath.If the father really died, mother may also so an every day sad, down in health bottom to until death.However the father is on the hoof to come back now, mother's in the mind no longer wants to die!The mother who has already drunk Zhu Guo Jiu, the body is still good.
    "This descends good."Old clan long Teng cloud dragon smilingly comes over here, " is on the hoof good, on the hoof good!"He once saw too many death and broke a leg to break arm, Teng cloud Long Jian was getting tooer many.
    At this time, old clan long Teng cloud dragon, the hands are embracing wine pot.
    "Grandfather, your hand a good many?"The Teng green mountain asks a way, when the troops of green lake island come over to catch a person, the grandfather's hands bone earthquake broke.
    "O.K., one hands although discarding can not take a heavy thing to do heavy live.However, embrace some light things to pour also Be free."Teng cloud dragon embraces the hands of wine bottle gourd to have to tremble unclearly.
    The Teng green mountain once links that wine bottle gourd, dismantled in the wine cup of wine bottle gourd the cover and fell flop one cup for father first'Zhu Guo Jiu'.
    "Dad drinks bottoms to the body a good many."The Teng green mountain passes to pass by.
    Teng any always tooks a look oneself's son and smiles to nod to once connect this wine cup:"H'm, the wine of the good joss-stick.Green mountain, I make me drink the best wine, quite good."Immediately on facing upward, drink off a cup wine clean, close behind Teng any is always surprised facial expression a change:"What wine, very strong!"
    An intensely hot energy quickly floods Teng always any whole body.
    Is original because losing blood is excessive, but the vitality greatly harm of the body quickly add depletion, even be all quickly promoting at the body characters, only one cup Zhu Guo Jiu, even if Teng any always harms to like greater half, the strength more and greatly increases.
    "What wine is this ?"Teng any always stare big eyes, is very shocked.
    "Zhu Guo Jiu.Affair in"flank ground Teng cloud dragon say, " I after a while, again slowly say with you, green mountain ……your dad also came back, this bottom, you need not go again to greatly postpone mountain."
    "I still occupy."The Teng green mountain says.
    Pass a green lake island?
    How may!
    The brother-in-law dies, the father suffers to whet so more difficult paralyze again, almost even have no lives!The half generation sons all want to live in a chair, bed after the at the thought of father up, the Teng green mountain deplores greatly.Originally he joins to return a dollar religion and be a black A soldier to get generally etc., all for wanting to let Chuang in the Teng house live to be well, want to make the parents better.
    If isn't such ……
    Teng green mountain perhaps and early a person alone rush world, pursue Wu Dao highest point.
    However, he tries very hard to to want to protect like this, can because of himself, the father encounters difficult, the brother-in-law dies more.
    "Green mountain."Teng any always connects a way, " doesn't go, don't with their Dou, green lake island ……those are one of world eight greatest religious sectses, we, Dou however theirs!"From now on paralyze, can not beat iron, even in can walk no further road, Teng any is always superficially totally unconcerned.But ……who paralyzed an in the mind pleasurable?

  • Thema von gdshutter im Forum Alle Beiträge

    At the moment, believe in a lord to return non-arrival, it is an one laughter to pour inside the big palace, very casually.
    "Is old strict, we this row most before who are 2 people ?Can sit at four get a front generally."The Teng green mountain low voice inquiry way.
    The strict Ge of flank is also an unification to get one of troops all all.
    "Green mountain, those 2 people's ones are rather rivers county city of'district magistrate', the another is a city Wei soldier of'general'.They are two, but control that to fully have 80,000 of number of'city Wei soldier'.The city in"the strict Ge small voice says, " Wei soldier, although all is from we the black A soldier kicks out to go to, can the person is many, also the troops whom we return a dollar religion to protect old nest."
    "Is them!"
    In the Teng green mountain heart a move.
    Because the black AN army commander period keeps 6,000 of number, and want the person who get into the black A soldier is a lot of, in fact many person's real strenght are also very good, can remain be kicked!So, return a dollar religion those people, accept to permit to go into the city a Wei soldier!River rather city Wei soldier, number 80,000!Is the whole river rather the troops of biggest amount inside the county.
    Certainly, if in the plain, fight face to face, 6,000 black A, be good enough to exterminate 80,000 city Wei soldier!
    But, if 80,000 city Wei soldier, with river rather the high big city wall of county to defend, even if 6,000 black A, also difficult offend to break.
    "This is to return a dollar religion!"Feel deeply about in the Teng green mountain heart, 6,000 black As of an elite, an amount huge training has a vegetable of 80,000 city Wei soldier.Core pupil near myriad people, the outer circle pupil is more countless.This is to return a dollar religion and completely rule a river rather relying on of county!
    At this time-
    What three figures outside walked to come in from the big palace, is a head is exactly a white a month full-length gown, cover with to spread a long-haired various Ge dollar Hong.At he after death 2 people, one is a hair flower white of the old, be dressed in simple cloth dress, but another one person, vision electricity, vehemence relentless, seeing the age should just middle age.
    "Uncle Shi, teacher Bo Zu, you Please sit down."Various Ge dollar the Hong Be thin to say with smile.
    The inching Gong body of those 2 people, sit on the left row, right row respectively and then and very naturally of first.
    "They 2!"The Teng green mountain heart neutral namely figures out, " these 2 people, be return a dollar religion legendary of'enforce the law elder'?"Is these days at the black A soldier, the Teng green mountain once heard as well'enforce the law elder', enforce the law an elder position the highest, only compare to believe in a lord just a little a little bit low.
    But anotherly get generally, district magistrate, elder, protect a method and all all etc. person, the positions all want to ascend low to be many.
    Inside the big palace, treat the various Ge dollar Hong sit down, other talented persons all sit down.
    "Green mountain!"Various Ge dollar the Hong Be thin to smile openings.
    The Teng green mountain immediately starts, Gong body:"Believe in a lord!"At the moment the public, haven't formally done obeisance teacher, the Teng green mountain still needs to call for'believe in a lord'.
    "Green mountain he lived in the forest since the childhood, with world naturally for teacher, created his marksmanship!Being young was also a shot to kill that'the blood month knife'Meng farmland.The flame mountain is one service, the black and white of the free and unfettered temple two elders cooperate to deal with a green mountain, and the green mountain the slightest doesn't is placed in a leeway!Ha ha, green mountain he is good Pu jade just, today, I various Ge dollar the Hong formally accept the green mountain as pupil, everybody total certificate!"The various Ge dollar Hong says with a smile.
    The Teng green mountain immediately comes forward and once connected a flank maid cup within plate.
    The list knee kneels down to receive tea!
    "Teacher drinks tea!"Teng green mountain polite way.
    The various Ge dollar Hong smiled to answer and drank two people, then put to one side and smiled to nod:"Since today, green mountain, you are that I return a dollar religion the 27th generation pupil!After, more the diligence makes great effort and steps into the territory of inborn soon."Doing obeisance teacher process is in fact easy, drank to do obeisance teacher tea, even if became.
    "BE, teacher."Teng green mountain polite way.
    "Get up."Various Ge dollar the Hong Be thin to say with smile.

  • All hide a sturdy strength all overDatum16.03.2023 09:43
    Thema von gdshutter im Forum Alle Beiträge

    Green rain but is hum 1:"Is really lazy!See my elder brother, I just get up, my elder brother at boxing!"
    "I heel green mountain he compares, don't go to bed."The Teng green tiger stops long gun, say with smile, " you don't see as well, your elder brother crosses legs to sit in silence in the evening at after courtyard inside.How do I compare?Let me don't go to bed, sit in silence?Sit in silence to be a sleeping?I can have no this skill!"
    Inside the empress courtyard, but spread to repeatedly roar and shout a voice.
    Sees the Teng green mountain is practicing three body types, common three body types, at Teng green mountain hand in but had specially lingering charm.If cautiously see, can discover, the legs of Teng green mountain well hide a bow, that or so double of arms is also a bow, the whole body is also a bow!
    All hide a sturdy strength all over!
    Is slow-moving, fast disease!
    In full charge on recording a boxing, if draw back strength bow, project relentless one arrows!
    Accept power!
    The Teng green mountain chest imitates Buddha bellows, long long exhale an one breath, have one on the face silk serene smiling face.
    Practice three body types every time, the Teng green mountains all realize one to living unclearly interest not, the yin and yang tempers of artistic conception.Just, that artistic conception are too profound, the Teng green mountain is hard to investigate deeply.
    "The cousin, the light rain, gets up pretty and early today of, walk, we have breakfast."The Teng green mountain walks toward the ex- courtyard.
    "Elder brother, you must change clothes, today but believe in a lord to formally accept the elder brother as the big day of pupil!When the time comes will at big palace on, invite many elders and protect persons like method,etc to be present together."Green rain connects to say.
    Teng green mountain a see oneself's clothes.
    Have dust on the clothes, because be also quiet to fix in the courtyard for a night, infect by dust on the clothes.
    "Is not hasty, I come back to flush after the breakfast bottom, change clothes."The Teng green mountain says.
    3 people then and together leave abode.
    The dynasty sun rises, Xia light ten thousand Zhangs, shine in glory to return a dollar Zong Da Dun Dian.
    Out of the big palace those several F step up, stand to return a dollar religion a great deal of core pupil, a pupil stands over there and unifies to be dressed in white robe.The body is straight, but at pole some roads in the distance up, also have more core pupils 35 in groups come together together, the Yao sees the big palace low voice discussing.
    "Believe in today in have what important event?My uncle Shi there are also 27 other pupils, all does the Hou write outside the big palace!"
    "Who know, 27 pupils entitle to outside the palace to stand, we 28s can from afar looking at.See!Teacher Zu!, There is also elder, protect a method they!"
    Many core pupils all see a group of persons in the distance.
    These people, is return a dollar religion real key figures!Teng green mountain at the moment among these people.
    "All 100 men are long, each step stands 2 people!One by one in order and downwards stand, all the station is outside the palace."A black strength packs of hope that the Hong loudly drinks a way, with grow in 100 men in crowds all respectful voice in response to the life, this time big palace come together, connect a black A soldier 100 men grow all not qualified enter big palace, can be outside the palace.
    Sees in addition to palace, each step, each have two 100 men long and two 27 core pupils, the Teng green tiger would is an among those.
    Big palace on!
    Or so each two lines of chairs, a line, had been lining up till big palace doorway.The or so two lines of chairs is each to have 18, add totally 36 chairs!
    Four greatly get generally, 11 all govern all and sit on the right side.The black A soldier totally has all all 12ses and just have among them an all govern in the outside.In addition to these 15 people, there is also river rather county city of'district magistrate'and city Wei soldier of'general'2 people.Sit at four greatly get a front generally.
    There are these 17 people, nature, the right side this leaves first nobody to sit.
    But the left side one the row is 18 seats, equally 17 people sit down, leaves left first place nobody to sit!

  • Thema von gdshutter im Forum Alle Beiträge

    But Teng green mountain of'absolute being'just responded inside the strength, the desire wanted to control turn-
    Pebble ground crack!
    "Not to, my absolute being a control, inside strength broke balance to explode to open."The Teng green mountain shakes head.Inside the strength, seem to be hedgehog the whole body is a sting, a touch reaction very vigorous.
    The pebble physical volume is small, contain little inside the strength.
    Controling should easily, if connect small pebble all beyond control turn, don't even say to use to fly knife.
    A time experiments, these ring even in arouse green rain of younger sister and the cousin's attention, however drive Teng green mountain a words to beat to deliver.The Teng green mountain continues to sink to immerse in the research, how can let'absolute being'more skillful strength inside the control let by attaining the effect of the turn of pebble!
    The Teng green mountain being gradual discovers, 'absolute being'not and till the last make a turn to just control inside strength.
    But should, at inside strength just infused into pebble, 'absolute being' and inside strength contact up, at fly process in, absolute being effort of with'inside strength'melted to put together, you win have me, I win have you.Certainly, the pebble flies to just wink an effort, in brief time inside, let own of'absolute being'and'inside strength'fusion ascend some, the difficulty is the highest.
    A time experiments, summary the reason of failure, continuously improve.
    "Xiu!"It is a pebble project again.
    When before arriving distance rockery, suddenly turn, once rowed an arc, hit a piece of rock of convex at the rockery up, Peng of a , ground spilt open.
    Show a smiling face on the Teng green mountain face.
    "Gloomy one knife flies knife to crack open by explosion, although have suddenly sex, flying of ground crack knife, the power certainly also descends.But this flies a knife turn, the power didn't descend.Now, "Teng green mountain the heart is pleased, "'s absolute being and inside strength of agree with , I control a ground of much better!Be so like teacher certainly, let the true dollar of inborn round body 2 turns fly once inside body again, the difficulty is too high."
    There is progress, the Teng green mountain is then very happy.
    Only this flies a knife incomparable skill, the Teng green mountain has already had confidence to kill to be like'department Ma Qing'that kind of weak inborn superior.
    "Hum, general inborn strong, want to use to infuse inside the strength go into fly knife ……with generally fly a knife material, infuse go into too many inside strength, fear to all want to burst!"The Teng green mountain really knows this, the weapon bears of inside strength is limited, this why also the absolute being soldier's sharp weapon so precious cause.
    But the Teng green mountain throw to fly knife different.
    His strength not infuses to go into fly knife inner part, just some inside strength get into inner part, but the body strength is a function at fly knife exterior.
    Seem to throw pebble, the pebble runs into object to burst, even if 100,000 catties of spirits throw a pebble.However, can break out 100,000 catties of dint of'inside strength'infuse into pebble, the pebble perhaps hasn't flown to go out, the inner part burst to open and changed into powder.
    "This is a great advantage of the body strength!"Teng green mountain dark way.

    Chapter 03 big palace on
    Be apart from September 21, there are also some days.
    Is these days of, the Teng green mountain practices three body types daytime morning and realizes artistic conception.The desire wants to create five lines of fourths of marksmanships to recruit marksmanship.But afternoon, Teng green mountain then cultivation 《tiger form magical power 》 , after eating black fire to work properly a root, along with the self-discipline, the strength, sight of the Teng green mountain, listenned to dint all be slowly promoting.
    In the evening, then the research flies a knife incomparable skill.
    Certainly times, such as lunch and supper...etc., is also drink to talk to smile with the brotherses of black A soldier.In fact and not only list Teng green mountain one person is assiduous, the person of great majority inside the black A soldier is all very assiduous, can stay in the black A soldier after sieving of, lazy still very few.

  • Thema von gdshutter im Forum Alle Beiträge

    This even if ……
    The Teng green mountain can't occupy to can at a stretch fight last a days and one nights.
    But general Wu Zhe, will be lived to consume only inside the strength be and then killed!
    "However after, I also ability just and upright of, occasionally use 20,000 catties of strength."Teng green mountain very clear, own huge dint is a cards in the hand, the previous incarnation is a cutthroat, let the Teng green mountain develop a habit-
    Not and till the last a moment can't uncover cards in the hand.
    Be loosen combat with Yue, the Teng green mountain also just uses ten thousand catties of energies.
    But learned this 《the Mang cow devotes major efforts Jue 》 now, Teng green mountain the ability just and upright occasionally use 20,000 catties of energies, the other people ask a Teng green mountain why so strong, the Teng green mountain can say BE'Mang cow devote major efforts Jue'of cause.
    Divide in evening.
    "The elder brother of the Teng, Teng elder brother!"The hospital door outside rings out to shout a voice.
    The Teng green tiger immediately runs to open the door.
    ", Little Zong Zhu, green miss."The Teng green tiger sees 2 people outside the door, surprise ground the face is all tiny to be suffused with red, immediately just respond to come over, connect a way, " come in quickly."
    Various Ge cloud and various Ge green 2 brother and sister shoulder to shoulder walked to come in.
    Various Ge cloud is as green as various Ge, all of 2 people are whole bodies white dress.
    "It is little Zong Zhu and green miss."BE drinking alcohol alone, the another skill stirs up to fly the Teng green mountain of knife and connects to start accolade.
    "Ha ha, call what little Zong Zhu, really not generous, the direct brothers fits together not better?Presumably, is the Teng elder brother still smaller than me."That little Zong Zhu'various Ge cloud'ha ha smile, he and all of Teng green mountains are really 16 years old, say to prohibit who larger.
    "?I early spring the time be born of, little Zong Zhu?"The Teng green mountain counter-questions a way.
    ", Seeing to me must call Teng elder brother's an eldest brother."Various Ge cloud helpless way, " I is be born in summer, Teng eldest brother, younger brother I today and my younger sister together come, is invite you brothers is 2 people, go out to have a supper together, also reckon you to arrive at me to return a dollar religion to give a welcome party."
    The various Ge of flank is green to say:"My elder brother wanted to invite green mountain eldest brother and green tiger eldest brother yesterday you, just the whole black A soldier celebrated yesterday, so, we just come today."
    "Green mountain eldest brother, green tiger eldest brother, you can't not promise?"The various Ge is green to see toward 2 people.
    Be been green on staring at by the various Ge, the Teng green tiger knew to nod for:"Go, certainly go, green mountain, you say a rightness?"
    "Little Zong Zhu and green misses all come over in person, how do I dare not to go?"The Teng green mountain starts.
    Run about at the river rather the medium avenue of county city up, that various Ge was green to put on veil.
    "Have no idea, if my younger sister doesn't put on a veil and go where, all someone rounds a view."Various Ge cloud is helpless to say.
    The Teng green mountain nods and sees this green miss for the first time, the Teng green mountain discovers that this green miss has a naturally cast a glamour, own cousin'Teng green tiger'is more foolish to live for the first time, certainly other many people of Wu Zhe are also drawn on.
    Some woman's each and every moves, even in happy, cut up rough, all have inside of sex appeal.
    Casting a glamour is sexy.
    And this kind of imitate the Buddha fairy maiden comes down to earth a sort of purity, move people's heart, also similarly cast a glamour.
    " Now, all many people come I return a dollar religion to come with a marriage proposal, want to marry my younger sister."Various Ge cloud depresses voice to say.
    "Elder brother!"That green miss is getting more angered.
    "Believing in the lord didn't promise?"Teng there is some anxious ways in the green tiger, various Ge cloud says with smile:"Certainly have no, be those guys qualified to come to marry my younger sister?My dad also say, my younger sister's marriage, must 2 younger sister and dads all agree, just settle to descend on the whole."
    "It is like this good."The Teng green tiger nods.

  • Sufficient fartDatum08.03.2023 10:25
    Thema von gdshutter im Forum Alle Beiträge

    Teng once the green tiger touch head, "iron head, did I just have never thought this, the 6 F is enough."
    Sufficient fart!
    The Teng green mountain heart bottom wry smile, before this 《the Mang cow devotes major efforts Jue 》 6 F, just own of'habit'give hang up to come up, with oneself blood vessels ground durable degree, until the operation method of 6 F, to blood vessels incitement just feel obviously.Still don't feel pressure just.
    The body of the Teng green mountain monster sort, really too strong.
    "This 《 Mang cow devotes major efforts Jue 》after all is the person class Mi book."The Teng green mountain watches fix attention on ex- this high big stone tablet, " engraves on the stone tablet and publicly shows black A soldier non-commissioned officer and starts to conceal tremendous empress 3 F of power, isn't strange either."
    "Green mountain, don't you make copy?"The Teng green tiger doubt asks a way.
    "Make copy stem what?Formula for incantation in"once the Teng green mountain say with smile, " looks over and then remembered."
    "Look over and then remember?"Teng the green tiger is stunned speechless.
    More than 2,000 words!Look over and then remember?
    The Teng green mountain shakes head a to smile, oneself's self-discipline a time of, the operation ground circuit, method certainly remembers clear, and the self-discipline arrives 6 F, self-discipline the method that need to use 6 F doesn't need before using 5 F then of.
    The Teng green mountain holds a transmigration of soul gun and stands in own courtyard.
    Teng green mountain once the intention move, inside strength immediately according to 《the Mang cow devotes major efforts Jue 》 the formula for incantation of 6 F, from the pubic region inside break out, and then be divided into 5, wear to go in the middle of being strange through eight five blood vesselses in the veins, and then and quickly the better arm in Teng green mountain.
    The transmigration of soul gun fiercely hits on the ground and produces a spirit of mightiness to explode a voice, the mud splashes and appeared a deeply big pit on the mire ground of courtyard.
    The Teng green mountain watched big quagmire and peeped out one silk smiling face on the face:"That 《 Mang cow devotes major efforts Jue 》say attain 6 F right, power really ratio the 5 F want to be strong of many!I am this shot, 30,000 catties of about equal to of strength."
    The Teng green mountain owns great power, he passes this inside the destructive power of strength, can judge this shot much more equal to strong strength.
    "However, ordinary people's self-discipline arrives 6 F, the blood vessels should have no my tough and resilient, breadth, inside the strength break out dint, should be also weaker than me, estimate at 20,000 catties of or so."Teng green mountain although according to 《the Mang cow devotes major efforts Jue 》 6 F method break out inside the strength, can his blood vessels accept excessively inside strength, the power is also higher.
    The power is big.
    But ……
    "Inside the strength consume too astonishing!Be like to use so crazily inside the strength, estimate to use 30 times, inside the strength consume light, even if with 6 F ground resumes speed and expend most at least a , all so as to resume inside strength, but the Teng green mountain presented smiling face.
    He the heart bottom is very happy.
    "Ha ha, and inside the strength compare, body strength hold out for long time the dint have to be much bigger!"The Teng green mountain is very thrilling.
    "I now of inside strength already calculate more the Hun Be getting thicker, can use with all strength to use a transmigration of soul gun inside the strength, for 30 times flick a gun, inside strength consume light!If is general Wu Zhe, inside the strength consume light, etc. dead."
    "But, the my body strength wants to be many arrogant, the double arm foot has 180,000 catties of huge dint!And, I double the arm is to once use ten several ten thousand catties of huge dint, are all not tired for a days!"The Teng green mountain discovered that the muscle strength compares to have an excellent place inside the strength strength.
    That is to hold out for long time sex!

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    This just the second floor is just!
    The Teng green mountain is finally understand, inside boxing in the house and inside strength the difference of the Mi book.
    Inside boxing in the house that is mainly a strong health body, everything with the Yun keep body and enhance body for lord of, inside strength Mi book, that is pure is crazily absorb the Na world spiritual influence chain to turn inside vigorously.
    "Luckily is in the ancient times, otherwise at modern, world spiritual influence dissipation, have inside strength the Mi book is also useless."The Teng green mountain madly and very and soon practices, a short moment, the second floor also became.He is this self-discipline speed, absolutely is nine state the earths up have history exaggerate most of speed.
    "H'm, start 3 F self-discipline!"
    The Teng green mountain quickly follows 3 F, immediately, this chain turns world spiritual influence the speed again surge, inside the strength start reposition of redundant personnel, from two different blood vessels reposition of redundant personnel, then merge, along marvellous track, but still just a little decelerate, stimulate acupuncture points.
    "Very marvellous felling!"The Teng green mountain is clear to realize, the blood vessels was subjected to some influence, however this influence is extremely slight.
    "4 F!"
    The Teng green mountain has no the slightest hesitant, start 4 F self-discipline.

    Chapter 14 power
    The front of the stone tablet.
    Many people are holding Chinese brush-pen, paper, record the contents of《the Mang cow devotes major efforts Jue 》 , the Teng green tiger also lend paper, Chinese brush-pen from the flank, is also continuously recording.
    The whole 《the Mang cow devotes major efforts Jue 》 totally more than 2,000 words, Teng the green tiger strength of wrist is enough strong, at a stretch write about a hours, just copy more than 2,000 words to completely record.
    "H'm?How only have the front 6 F contents?"Teng green brave general that a piece of big stone tablet before and behind saw a time, but discovered, only had on this stone tablet 《 Mang cow devotes major efforts Jue 》front the formula for incantation heart of the 6 F method, the 7 F arrives 9 F, basically have no.
    "Green mountain, green mountain."The Teng green tiger dynasty side shouts a way.
    The Teng green mountain is shutting to fix attention on, the self-discipline wears 《the Mang cow devotes major efforts Jue 》 6 F contents, an acupuncture points of the hand the sun blood vessels and hand moon blood vessels, the just a burst of is numb and weak, imitate a Buddha someone by hand point to make an effort press these acupuncture points, blood vessels also a burst of become numb.
    An in fine threads inside the strength is rounding acupuncture points and beat Xuan son.
    It is other to imitate a Buddha insect, lightly bite to bite blood vessels and stimulate blood vessels inside the strength.
    "The elder generation that creates one this 《the Mang cow devotes major efforts Jue 》 is really severe, unexpectedly think one method like this, stimulate blood vessels!Enhance blood vessels!"The Teng green mountain inwardly praises highly.
    This inside strength Mi book, there is operation week sky, there is also the part to stimulate acupuncture points and enhance blood vessels, there is also the method to send out inside the dint from the hands.
    This strength inside 《the Mang cow devotes major efforts Jue 》 is from hands explosion but, so 12 serious medium major in'hand the sun'and'hand moon'two blood vesselses, these two blood vesselses seem to be two'cannon tube', will inside strength this'ammunition'bomb.
    So, almost big parts of time of 《the Mang cow devotes major efforts Jue 》 all expend at, enhance these two blood vesselses up.
    The blood vessels is more thick, more tough and resilient, so as to bomb morely inside the strength.
    "H'm?"The Teng green mountain opens eyes, " how, cousin?"
    Teng green mountain the blood vessels is completely lucid, completely can stop toughenning at any time, basically Be not afraid of to flee into branch road inside the strength.
    "Green mountain, this 《 Mang cow devotes major efforts Jue 》only have ex-6 F, empress 3 F, can not find.Does the Mi book in"Teng green tiger hasty way, " start still saying 9 F, how on this stone tablet for the front 6 F, the whole stone tablet I before and behind have already seen a time."
    Teng green mountain a surprised:"Empress does the 3 F have no?"
    Oneself can already self-discipline 6 F, and with oneself's felling to the blood vessels, oneself completely can continue downwards self-discipline.

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    The autumn of the leaf is again a burst of bad cold.
    Foreigner how does the total foot talk so?Too Yin Hui."The autumn of the leaf.Come.Ruthlessly bully me."
    The words listenned to him, the leaf autumn always cans not controls feelings of think to be slanting to other aspects to go.
    "Come."The autumn of the leaf is bad to ruthlessly say.
    Since can not resist, that lets to fight absolute being to enjoy well.Beat he cans not gets up from lying position and sees him returning how to fight again.
    This time, the leaf autumn started aggression on his/her own initiative.
    The hands clench fist, rapid of to war the absolute being rushed pass by.If take off Jiang mustang, crary violent in action."Kill."The eyes of the war absolute being inside purple only flash across, also equally clench fist blunt past.
    The distance is quickly drawn near, 2 people's face more sticks more near.Clearly the speed is very quick, leaf autumn but feel that now is like a slow lens time to put, he very the Gu can see war absolute being that bulky pore in the face.
    The fist starts to take of the furious wind gum match together and send out lightning flash Pa imitate if the sound of electric current sort.
    Again the 2 people fist collides with each other.Mightiness of the ache of vigour son and awl heart at the same time set of time whole body.
    Ye Qiu feels the flesh on the body be like drive to worked properly 1 F, have already could not realized their existence.
    There is the first-time collision experience, so this 2 people all did some take precautions against.The boxing dint this time is getting more fierce, collide more badly.But, 2 people's body has never flown to go out.
    They all chose to use to spread a dint method and transfered the strength that the body originally promise to be subjected to to foot.
    So, is simultaneous, the ground stood by them took place to crack.
    Mao Pa!
    2 people's feet sank into a ground while taking charge of.The strong and tough earth crust is been strong by that to have no the strength of Kua is to the earthquake.
    Almost allows of no Xi, 2 people's hatching well and a second boxing has already again made moves.
    Highly difficult dodge method and boxing meat bumped the sound that the shot sends out to constitute a combat of high specification, two what people beat got into a hot dispute.The rounding of flank view also all sees a ground of gape.
    Don't know when, got lord adult to also walk out, "grandpa, you feel who will win?"The silver eye stares continuously ground to looking at the combat on the field and makes a noise to ask a way.

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    Number one and three well households break off, can thoroughly pour a this place toward oneself.But oneself take SONY the soldier kill, the dog opens rule against killing, ever triumphant.
    But, he come of time, and three combine burning of car brigade wrong body but lead.The trace basically had never begun on the scene.
    Even worse grain BE, war absolute being but transfered the battle fire to oneself in the body"…
    He the first eye see the time of war absolute being, feel that he was like a pole the bedlamite of heavy sword door.
    The extremely conceited that is same violent in action, also take charge of loving of kind force like life.
    Fights with bedlamite of, is a fool.
    The autumn of the leaf, are you discriminating against my artistic skill?The brush-off like this is a kind of to be like Ru to me."
    " Depend.So Zi Ru?"The autumn of the leaf depressedly thinks.
    "Of course not BE.I know that you are a superior."The autumn of the leaf says with a smile."Even, is I lifetime one of the most severe persons seen."
    Certainly, leaf autumn this the viewpoint Be getting more over the severe person from cradle to the grave.
    "Please accept pleasing of the an and the martial to fight so.The autumn of the leaf, I really stir up not to rise your one silk war idea?"
    The autumn of the leaf hurt.
    He unexpectedly looks very cool war absolute being to speak words like this.
    Is like one to strip nude a bare woman to angrily say to the man,I really could not stir up your one silk sexual appetite similar.
    "It isn't this meaning.Your far coming is a guest""
    "That uses the combat that a Han Chang sprinkles Li to treat quest."Fight absolute being to say, the huge body has been already started.
    Body form such as electricity, start to knead of fist such as one handle large iron ball, a go toward don't fear to of toward the leaf autumn hurtle pass by.
    The opportunity that he basically doesn't talk for autumn for leaf, use the activity blocked up a leaf to again refuse for autumn of lend.
    Leaf autumn helpless wry smile.
    Since fight absolute being have been already started, oneself refuses again of words, really of be despised.
    Because the war absolute being offends first and occupies a first timing.
    So, leaf autumn can retreat more than ten steps in a row.Back an one step each time, then dissolved the dint of the one silk impact of war absolute being.More than ten step after, war the war spirit of the absolute being has already consumed greater half.
    Just the situation of leaf autumn is a bit distress, look is like a war absolute being to hold a fist to make track for a dozen of leaves for autumn.
    However this time, the leaf autumn has already started to counter-attack.
    A drum makes spirit, again but Shuai, three but Jie.
    The other party dint Jie of time, is exactly also his best backstroke opportunity.
    Use four heavy strength son affirmation isn't suitable.After all, the one punch give°s the somebody else to beat to fly, person's facial expression of the number one ascends all not good-looking.A military instructor that has already killed off a somebody else signs the eyes ground of Wei to about come to a.The one more boxing stem pours a , that was to sign Wei, already an old grudge.
    It is triangle to refract a step.

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    "That must also wait until young master to carry on again after returning to Japan.The safety of young master is the most important."
    "How?Do they dare to kill me in Hong Kong?Aren't they afraid of two countries to open hostilities?"Three wells are burning matchless extremely conceited of say.
    The Suzuki tactfully shut up.
    He knows that the young master in nowadays doesn't need to advise Wei, he demand calmness.
    The autumn of the leaf takes big brigade person's horse arrives to of time, at the right moment saw the car tail of three well burning bodyguard car brigades.
    "Captain.They have already walked."Leaf's tiger looking at a car brigade to make collective report a way to the leaf autumn.
    The autumn of the leaf ordered to nod, then said"leaf's tiger, the line grows a boring affair don't to stare to hatch a sort.
    I also saw them walking."
    "."Promising of leaf tiger injustice.
    Small white calmness of sit an autumn at the leaf nearby, one face is apathetic.
    Get the subordinate report, the silver eye faced out, after seeing a leaf for autumn, said with a smile:"Unexpectedly you will rush through."
    "Want to come naturally.Our China is the nation of rite, treating the friend has to with all sincerity and mutually treat.Although I have much of confidence to you,I am still worried that you will suffer some otiose injury."The autumn of the leaf is thick face to say.
    The look in the eyes of silver eye hard conjectures a leaf autumn, wish, grandpa say, own discomposure, is because of the at present man?
    But, why does own heart have to be disorderly?Because of the love?
    So, what is a love again?
    So abstruse problem, the silver eye is to have no answer.
    "What person to conflict happen?"The silver eye asks a way.He is a cutthroat, the nature sees to multiply by from the station is in these people of in front's that eye the end exert of the murderous look, and they just once fought.
    And, they a whole width of is armed.Also someone's body up suffer from slight bullet wound.
    The all theses are all obvious.
    "We roasted a flock of Japan pig.Skin the burnt meat is crisp, regrettable, you have no opportunity to taste."
    The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.
    "The autumn of the leaf.You should not be a soldier.It is like also a cutthroat."The silver eye says.
    "Many thanks to praise."The leaf evaluation of autumn to silver eye likes very much.The sky knows that his ideal in childhood really is did a cutthroat.
    "I want to do a world first cutthroat."He ever and so once said to the small white.
    He still says"who dare to humiliate you, I killed who."
    That time, he really don't know this is such as opium similar sweet prattle.
    Small age of, cheated to take a Bu girl son life and death mutually with of loyalty.

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    "Let the anterior ship open fire.Worry them"leaf the autumn again shout a way.
    It is very quick, before spread an intensive gun voice.Along with this, those two ships rush speed to seem to be also to put slow come down.
    Because for avoiding bullet, they have to run some curved ways of S type.
    The autumn of the leaf leads of iron ship opportunity to hold tight, pursue relentlessly fierce rush through, finally and front a ship closed to.
    Within the scope of visual field of leaf autumn, can already see a front thousand leaf Xunses embark of yacht shadow.
    Identity nobility of thousand leaf the household spread a person to unexpectedly fall this, leaf autumn not from must have some sobs.
    Certainly, it is more to is pleasure.Come out to mix, the one day there will wants to return.
    "Open fire.Shoot on sight."The autumn of the leaf loudly roars a way.
    The words sound just fell, four iron are on board at the same time deeply the tongue of fire of innumerable.
    The yacht of front is like an obvious target sort, turn an eye be beaten sieve.

    Volume 3 starts to stand back to be a person chapter 617 Gao rules combat:2VS2
    Iron ship explosion that thousand leaf Xuns embark is opened.The fireball of combustion reflects red sea surface and the sky.Need not leaf autumn the bottom reach an order, all people all stopped gunning.
    Remarkable talent and technological collision, the generation superior is buried in this endless ocean, the in the mind of leaf autumn is also a multitude of feelings surges up.
    Did these person who are proud die so?Even from cradle to the grave learn don't develop of opportunity.
    There are explosive and arms and supplies, again the fee makes an effort to annoy to practice an effort to exactly be worth with time unworthy?
    "The order bottom goes and sends four ships to respectively follow east, south, west, four northern directions search and look for target person and notice, Be careful of a safety, can not underestimate enemy."The autumn of the leaf makes a noise an order way.
    Although yacht is explode in his in front, but leaf the autumn in the mind still keep worrying.
    Can remarkable talent the superior once beat to hand over a way, these people's physical endowments all differed with ordinary people, and they completely have ability to leave before the steamer explodes.This deeply sinks limitless ocean is also for their escaped to provide natural natural cover.
    "Captain, hasn't the target person died?"A squad grows to surprisedly ask a way.He sends out to the leaf autumn of the order Be some to don't understand.
    "Have very greatly yes may they have already escaped and search, as long as discover a target, immediately shoot to death."The autumn of the leaf again gives repeated advice to a way.He fears the gist of these people under suffer a los.
    "BE."The bottom that the squad is long to promise, then pass ear wheat reaches an order.
    Four iron ships respectively go to a direction and bomb the ground of Long Long forward noodles to drive.
    Looking at their running of the breeze Chi electricity Zhi far, the leaf autumn in a soft voice sighs
    Is afraid is that they all think thousand leaf Xuns dead, now of search just receive own order can not help but is it of.
    "Leave, send me past."The autumn of the leaf points at opposite Hong Kong to say.
    "Captain, do we first say "hello" with Hong Kong?"The squad is long to gingerly ask.He sees the ground come out, this young superior's facial expression is a bit dignified.Seem to allow the terrorist to escape.
    In the mind not from must pray, luckily they give°ed these two bastards to send to the bottom.If make them run, saw this superior's facial expression to know, his affirmation wants to break into a furious rage.
    "Need not, lead sea, send me over the sea" leaf the autumn put to say.
    Thousand leaf Xuns didn't is killed by the gun as well as be killed by explosion by the ship, be drowned by the sea water or positive if pretend cold sea water at the ice in.
    At this time, he sits upright at a lengthen a version of black Lincoln car in, this car is a ghost to copy is come over with the costliness lend-lease that the day rents 10,000 China currencies.The ghost shadow serves as driver one job in person, but they now the position of place is to pass Luo shore in Hukou drive into the big bridge of Hong Kong up.
    Carry in thousand leaf Xuns' hands glass cup, the cup inside is that the rice yellow is like the liquid of transparent amber sort, this is what he without extra trouble led long out in club building of office from the red person, Japan Yi and household secret recipe made by fermentation to use to pay tribute to sake of the Emperor.
    Thousand leaf Xuns are particularly the person of feeling, don't like an excessive change
    But after once drinking this kind of wine, he then gave up his own favourite-red wine.

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    The cold sword smiled, the smiling face was moderate and reserved, said"arrived this great sea how do we make moves again?"
    The red man suddenly stares big eyes.He this just thinks of, oneself basically{a few words see not pure}
    There is no ship, even if want to participate this matter, can also learn Bodhidharma to come to don't become by a the river of Wei Du?
    "……All before didn't thought of they will be stupid to arrive this kind of situation and unexpectedly made people escape from the sea road.Elder brother Jian, there is a yacht club in neighborhood, do we go to a set ship and try to catch up with?"
    The cold sword shakes and says:"It isn't that we are surprisingly, but we didn't thought of.This mistake is ours.With my estimate, the ship in the yacht club affirmative be all controled by him
    .If we want a ship, unless is own bright clearly of identity ……he doesn't to our face still another one thing son give.If the target exposes.Not is fall a person words handle.?"
    Long hair man some fidgetily say:"Do we helplessly looking at him to fire a gun person?Bright clear identity how again?Has our heavenliness ever China and when once feared other people?"
    The cold sword shakes and says:"This kind of time, let's still choose to believe him.Made so many miracles, should can't make us disappoint, either this time."
    Although the long hair young man is unwilling, also helpless.
    When the cold sword chooses to believe that the leaf is for autumn.The leaf standing on the ship's bow autumn but is that one face is rigorous.
    He has been considering as main opponent of thousand leaf Xuns, but have never thought to kill halfway that Japan woman.
    Japan chemisette identity he has already known.Represent snake organization.Thousand leaf Xuns again is how with snake organization collaborate with together?
    "What are their targets ?Exactly is what?"Leaf autumn the Rang Rang is from the language way.
    Be because the information of collections isn't enough detailed.So just result in now this kind of embarrassed situation.
    If know that their cooperation is together.The autumn of the leaf by all means will think a way to also want to take the member of team of thunderbolt squad to pass by a help.
    Although he several hundred people help,deal with thousand leaf Xun here in Shenzhen person like this, they return is really exertion the wife's function is not.
    Leaf autumn of so don't refuse, also just because of favoring their hand in hold of strong thermodynamic power.
    He didn't believe that those people's body doesn't even break through bullets.
    On the open sea last time, thousand leaf Xuns took a cannon ship to bombard them.This time leaf autumn in the mind also not is have never saved to make reprisals some kind of viewpoints.
    Canning rush into thousand leaf Xuns to escape like grandson with machine gun and shell on the ocean is also a big beautiful matter.
    Let the leaf worries for autumn of BE, if do they jump into sea how to do?
    If the common run of people, jump down this great sea.Probably only a dead end.
    Even if dead not, the leaf autumn orders these four iron ships along the sea surface searches all the way, they are also difficult to escape one dead.
    But arrive for a sky to the real strenght, the ghost shadow of the field and a thousand leaf Xuns who don't know the depths to say, the difficulty like this is really unworthy a lift.
    Is unique to let they difficult matter, now should dynasty which direction flee for life had better.
    After all, the China can not go, there is leaf in Hong Kong for autumn at, is also dangerous of ground.Other places combine insecurity, journey is also at too faraway.
    "Captain.Their ship fore noodles."Deep larynx a squad Be long to make a noise to shout a way.
    The autumn of the leaf doesn't serve as any job in Wang Jian Han's troops, Be just being responsible for of temporary time this time.So, everyone calls his physically official job.
    His physically official job is the captain of violet squad, and follow four captains of squads that he executes an order are also captains.So is a bit peculiar be, these four captain form of address leaf the autumn feed "captain".Other soldiers also call them as"captain"s.Sound, all of everyone's classes are "captain"s classes.
    The autumn of the leaf also sees the front contain bright light flicker, because be apart from too far, leaf autumn basically can't peg out is he or she's ship to still pass by of merchantman.
    "The assurance isn't our ships"
    "Yes.They have been biting escaped convict."The squad is long to make collective report a way.
    "Accelerate.Accelerate with all strength of catch up."The leaf orderanies the autumn to.
    The squad grows to make and immediately pass wireless ear wheat Be flourishing to orderany to a few ships.

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    The person being rich to rather have power, have power wants to crumple so Nian the rich all goes.Because the one party is the establishment of the rules, but another a square but is a performance.
    Although is social in present, the rich and have the power the person is all same person.
    But, why can thousand leaf Xuns also leave by yacht?And still break through the Lei what oneself established a defense line.Are their ships where to comes?
    Because the back of red person's club building of office is a limitless ocean, this gives the leaf for autumn their to grasp to catch to make Lei many difficulties.
    Ye Qiu is worried that someone will leave from water road, have muscular spasms ten respectively from four squads personal organization a defense line.This defense line includes 40 elite soldiers and two iron shipses that hold heavy weapons.
    Intercept so obviously strength really is a too weak Lei to thousand leaf Xuns.All probably need not how use strength son, they easily get away from Lei their to track.
    Make people strange BE, why leaf don't autumn's connecting a gun to ring hear?
    As long as a person in those 40 soldiers opens fire, the leaf autumns can discover an abnormality, then the meeting acts towards people to dare to support in time.
    In fact leaf autumn gave these a very simple tasks of 40 people:Give warning.
    Is also a such a simple task, they unexpectedly have no to complete.
    The autumn of the leaf is after really doing not know affair be over should how punish them.
    "Report target position."Leaf the autumn part is rapid of rush to the seaside, 1 time shouts a way to this words tube.
    After death what to follow is 80 elite soldiers of 1 brigade and 2 brigades, their noodles permits seriously, and the action is nimble, can give the enemy fatal attack at any time.
    The peaceful age isn't on-line in the frontier again, appear such a soldier of in full battle array, is at is make people surprised.
    But leaf the autumn know, thousand leaf Xuns are absolutely stiller severe than 100 terrorists.
    "Report captain.Target person after breaking through the defense line drive to the south.There are an our brothers ships following behind now"someone in the ear wheat make collective report a way.
    "Let them from a distance follow and then go.Don't close to on one's own initiative.Make collective report directions to me at any time."The autumn of the leaf talks of time, have already run to the Lei the seaside.
    Already someone adjusted to Lei from the fertile Er Si yacht club four yachts be parked the near the bank sees a leaf come over for autumn, one wears the black cc packs of fatty full face heap smile of face to come up to want to shake hands with leaf autumn.
    "Stop" soldier to threaten a way.Point at a middle age fatty with the gun muzzle.Disallow him to close to a leaf for autumn.
    "Who is he ?"The autumn of the leaf swept fatty's one eye and asked a way.
    "Leadership good.Not Lao these eldest brothers answer...I am the manager of fertile Er Si yacht club, leadership, I really don't know that person is a poison dealer, otherwise say what I also can't the yacht rent to them..Say again, they yesterday rented ship walk, I didn't don't get the superior's painful notice"Li Yan Ku wore a face explain.
    He thinks that those feet's having the person to listen to is a poison dealer, and sees this power, those people still fantastic of poison dealer.He is also worried that he is embroiled because of this matter.
    The autumn of the leaf has no time to listen to he explains and waves hand to say, "take away first.The others go aboard with me."
    Leaf autumn whole life order, nature have the captains to be responsible for arranging soldier to go aboard, four ships, each one is 20 people on board.Pass wireless and the brothers before tracking make contact and fly soon and forward noodles to rush through.
    Iron ship far goes, two personal shadow from dark of walked out in Lin Zi.

  • uses the bodyDatum04.10.2022 05:29
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    "The snake king of great reputation but become the other people's slave, spread to really let the world hero sneer at.Since words like this, also call what'king'?Make the snake Nu isn't better?"The autumn of the leaf looking at a snake king, cold say with a smile.
    He is to want to intentionally incense a snake king, let him disobey the order that Latin hopes to accept his own challenge.If he shamelesses of and snake if the female ascend together, the leaf autumn still really fears that he or she cans not stand.
    And, now, leaf autumn's Latin is rare to still respect very much to towers Miller's attitude.Don't completely consider as his slave to order.So, this also proves oneself not is have no opportunity provocation success.
    "The autumn of the leaf, like what you expected.I would like to accept your challenge.Just, I think, our combats will end very quick."Snake Wang Ta Mi's joy will tie up on his neck and also ever and anon toward a leaf to vomit snake Xin for autumn ground the white snake pull down and throw to station at part view war of snake female.Then dismantle to mourn with the red rope from the belt where of a bamboo whistle, by hand in the whistle body on putting on, then put at mouth side.
    The autumn of the leaf a
    Action, know to want mess.
    The body flew to soon rush toward to come over to the king of snake and prepared to obstruct his action.
    Unfortunately, already late.
    'Blare'of the voice spread to come over, leaf autumn felt once the head sink, almost a fall down on the ground with head.
    The head is suddenly pounded generally by the heavy Zhong, dizzy deeply suffered.The arms and legs is weak to have no dint, even connect rush of strength all have no.
    And don't aware of self of, the leaf autumn rushes of the speed also slowed down down.Even the common run of people are all not equal to.
    Requiem, can make the most ruthlessly oppressive the snake moving so much in a twinkling sleep well.If the intentional Ning voice makes orotund dynasty list object or direction go to of words, the effect will be stronger.
    This is each generation snake king, yoga to practice moral teachings or the sage control of one of the Mi Jis, make contact with extremely learning of the essential to have with snake.
    It is different in approach but equally good wonderful, but compares a snake dance an usage to get up with snake dance iner brief direct, the offensiveness is also stronger.
    The snake dance is to use vivid body action to come to close to opponent to carry on an attack, but the requiem is to can be long-distance to leave an attack, only depend voice can kill people.
    See the attack show results, peep out Ji Feng on the tower Miller's face of smile an idea.
    "Over-confident of guy, artistic skill like this unexpectedly crazy idea to challenge himself/herself.It is really recklessly and blindly do."
    The action seeing a leaf for autumn is more and more slow, plays orotund rhythm to speed along with oneself, he has already can'ted be forward one-step.Just hands Wu wear head painfully moan yell, the snake king knows that he or she has already obtained victory.
    "Opponent like this really makes people have some disappointment.Don't know what that woman likes him as well?One is common of China human race, the blood relationship is thus of lowly.If she and so of man joys good, the body of nine yins that will waste her pure and unadulterated."Latin is rare to shake to shake head to say.
    "She, must be mine."Latin hopes another time to determine his/her own conviction.Make a noise to remind a way:"Miller of the tower don't kill him.I have to be live."
    Latin is rare good to Long Nyu, most of still good arrive the body of her nine yins.But that chemisette artistic skill is really to deeply can not measure, and again is second inheritting of the orchid Di Si gold blood especially all day long heel she together, he thinks to be strong of words, hope to is very and elusive.
    Fore with meticulous care plan the next sneak attack at a time for two days failure also after, he then beats the idea to the body in leaf autumn up.
    He knows that Long Nyu thinks greatly of this China boy very much, if captures him, uses the body of nine yins that he exchanges Long Nyu.She should agree?
    So, this is also the eyes ground that they seek a leaf autumn tonight.
    They need one personal quality, can exchange the hostage of the body of nine yins with Long Nyu.
    Ye Qiu feels head be like will drive use Zhong son to force open generally, the ache of awl heart makes him lose all protection consciousness.
    He is like a cake of in the ocean to float Ping, free to beating of sea water to drift along, but didn't resist of left over strength.
    Just arouse leaf's tiger of war to see circumstances like this with opponent, surprisedly the eyes Zi exerts crack and makes a noise a roars way:"Teacher.Teacher.Carefully."

  • this person body upDatum04.10.2022 05:20
    Thema von gdshutter im Forum Alle Beiträge

    The autumn of the leaf is ruminating in mind foolish meeting son how he or she is with many deceits are little.Snake king and snake the female all give round and round surround then a nest son hurtle to polish off their good matters.It is at present the business of the occurrence to make him dumbstruck.
    Sees come out one big cluster of person from the dark mountain lodge.Is a snake for the head king.The behind is that to meet once in New York.Have been beating Long Nyu the idea dark night fork Aladdin.After death still follow a flock of man who uses a plain white cloth pack head.The autumn of the leaf sees not pure their faces.However can guess.Should be the Di promise of Chris to lift through a night fork clan 12 absolute being will.
    1234-~leaf the autumn counted number.Then the face cried.
    Mama expect son.Lao Tze was surrounded.
    "The autumn of the leaf.We saw again."Snake Wang Ta's Miller's facial expression mildly says.Wear white full-length gown.Wear Gao Gao's plain white cloth hat.It is a very not- essential big silver wreath on the nose.Tower Miller doesn't pay attention to the clothes that the still being dressed in of the hygiene once wore while meeting last time very much.
    The leaf autumn Pie wears finger count number.A day and two days and three days and four days-a lot of sky of.No wonder that the somebody else say that the Indian doesn't pay attention to hygiene.You see their upper level person of this nation so and change a clothes for none of several days.The common people being other which return of?Is all doing not wash during a lifetime afraid?
    "She is a snake female?"The autumn of the leaf points at the monster of in front to ask a way.This was the biggest question in his heart.The woman being clearly killed by oneself.Why to vivaciously come out in the in front again?
    "Yes.Recognize not to come out?"Snake 1| king Be cheerless to smile.
    "Why didn't she die?"The autumn of the leaf sinks a voice to ask a way.The son in the belly is all afraid regrets Be getting greener.Early know words like this.She to mow of the lifting of a cake of returned to earthquake master son in door to steep wine to drink to the west.
    He doesn't believe.Give° this monster to dismember.He can also think a way to give° her darnin don't become very much.
    "Why will she die?You China isn't the person the byword with"beat snake to beat 7 inches"?Don't you understand this truth?"Miller of the tower an all speak proudly a way.
    Yes.The snake female really didn't die.If can find out her dead cave.And make her keep the words of body integrity again.Oneself has a way her to save to live.This is snake Wang Yi Zu's secret.Don't inherit not to spread.
    "That again how?Greatly not re- kill a."The autumn of the leaf saw one eye snake female.Disdain to very much of say:"Defeated opponent.My at enmity with you beat."
    Stretch out a finger to point snake again king to say:"Once there was an elder generation to once say to me.Meet the snake what king beat to win and run.The dozen doesn't win to even want to run.Last time didn't exchange blows.I always the heart save a regret.This time.Let's fight 300 rounds.I want you to challenge.Do you dare to accept?"
    The autumn of the leaf this wretchedness kid is also be compelled of have no way.He goes to a list and picks a snake king on his own initiative.Always drive oneself drive somebody else a group of persons to pick strong?
    Wang Ta Miller of snake is wrinkly to knit the brows.The big silver wreath on the nose also follows a rock.The challenge that is about to accept a leaf for autumn.Unexpectedly the night fork king behind talked.
    The clothing is gorgeous.The handsome handsome boy wearing a cloth hat Latin was rare to see one eye leaf autumn.Say:"Miller of the tower.We have no time to delay with him.That woman is very quick and then will rush through to come over.
    Everyone together last.Give° him me to take.The renew of one clan.All fasten a this person body up."
    The snake king nods to promise.He after death of 12 absolute beings Be breathed to take side to the leaf autumn.
    "Teacher.Teacher."The voice of leaf's tiger spread to come over.
    After death spread abuzz footfall.Luo thousand soldiers they finally leave according to the leaf autumn of the signal made track for to come over.
    Leaf's tiger greatly treads to run to the leaf autumn in front, the misgiving ground asks a way:"Teacher, you are all right?"
    Don't treat a leaf to answer for autumn, he points at the man of front ground those strange costumes to ask a way again:"What person are all of them ?Wear a ground of strange of, with shoot a movie."

  • the mind computesDatum04.10.2022 05:12
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    "We see on the scene."The autumn of the leaf says if not because the snake female is dead on his hand.All doubt that the person that explore news is her.This chemisette speed is really too terrible.And the body figure is again uncanny if is her.The silver Li makes track for not up can also comprehend.
    A group of people comes out a mansion.Arrive villa back yard.Here is a rockery and two row low short tropical plant.The left side still has an outdoor swimming pool.It is whole to backyard see at a glance.Suit to hide a body really not too.
    " Where."The silver Li points at corner of wall to say.
    The autumn of the leaf walks over there.From the leaf's tiger hand in answer-tube.Then slowly look for in the corner of wall.
    Indeed as expected no one's step trace.However discovering of leaf autumn elaboration.Have the leaf the new scar that is trampled to break.
    The leaf once turned round autumn to say:"See.We have already been had eyes fixed on.Everyone's safe demand is careful.Thousand soldiers.You one turn on duty form.2 people's 1 set.Execute duty in this villa for 24 hours."
    "Go."-Thousand soldiers nod to promise.
    The persons all ran.Stay again to also have no meaning here.The autumn of the leaf gave repeated advice to again some kind of make everyone must notice a safety.Don't go out to avoid pursuing for person alone
    Opportunity.Work well safe measure.This just takes leave with house.
    The villa doorway can't have a rent car to take.This way rent car driver can't come in as well.
    The autumn of the leaf along the highway of the seaside goes straight up.The street corner that only walks to the front's walking just can return to deep water gulf by bus the third.Just and in mind cut and polish a meeting is which road of the person come to apartment to go fishing.A dark shadow suddenly from the Jiao wood of wayside in wore out.Keep of hurtled to come over to the leaf.
    The leaf's autumn body is one side.Averted from dark shadow relentless attack.Wait until he unexpectedly ended up in nothing to grasp while stretching hand the wrist of buttonning up the dark shadow of just together cripple shadow.The dark shadow has already generally flies to run to the sea beach edged.It is general to is like dark the phantom at the mid-night
    The leaf autumn at heart greatly even grows suddenly but goes to of fear feeling.
    Was she clearly killed by she how to appear at a time?
    Or say that the female of snake not only only has one snake female?
    Of.Although today night's moonlight doesn't calculate brightness is leaf autumn but see realistically.It is exactly the snake female who has already been killed by him to is blunt to come over the person of raid.
    No matter is such.The autumn of the leaf's also wanting to investigate to be pure to arrive is what is the row a son.
    Simultaneously using spy is special-of leaf's tiger they contact.Let them hurriedly come over a support.Simultaneously take to the heels snake the female escapes of the direction made track for to pass by.The female's sneak attack basically has dint of attack.She seem just especially the idea jump out to lead she to a square similar.
    The autumn of the leaf wishes.Call out own persons all.Even if met snake king.Canning also put together with them is some kind of.
    Front of the thin mean person shadow run quickly.No matter is what kind of of form.Can not influence his speed.That colorful snake skin is in the dark night just a dark shadow.Can.But let people's skin of head become numb.All all over have the whole body chicken skin pimple.Dark shadow along the sandy beach runs about wildly.The autumn of the leaf also tailgates all the way.Until run to flank in an unknown knoll.Just stopped down.
    The dark shadow once turns round.The as triangle small as a cobra eye is gloomy malicious to hotly looking at a leaf of autumn.Draw full snake cloth on the body.Even the face ascends also is all tattoo.See toward the look in the eyes in leaf autumn be full of old grudge.Be like have what ineradicable hatred."You are a snake female?"The autumn of the leaf sinks a voice to ask a way.Simultaneously conjecture to fix attention on monster.Simultaneously scan with the canthus on all sides.
    She takes she to arrive at this of square.Affirmation is to have ambush of.The leaf autumn in the mind computes Luo thousand soldiers they rush through of time.Wish.Oneself again not help.Can also prop up them to come over.
    Plus oneself.The square totally has fierce 13ses will.The enemy only has 2 people.This time.All anyway want to make use of a number a top advantage to leave the king of snake.At least.Can not put again to run this snake female.

  • the leaf asks a wayDatum04.10.2022 05:08
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    Let the leaf worries for autumn of is a snake to organize.This is really an opponent that lets people's headache.Their organization the personnel concealed too deeply.Again have strictly even very ruthlessness regulation system.Even if the fee soared them to catch Chen Jian Zhou and Chu Chu in the Yan city.Also still have no of arrive what useful information.
    And the small white fight some kind of and can take off of rare superior.Call the mysterious woman of iron telephone of Anne.Although the small white has been being investigating these two people's whereaboutses.But keep now still have no still result.
    Proceed from the man's seventh.Ye Qiu feels that they carry on a very big scheme.And.What this scheme launches isn't in the city.It is in Hong Kong.
    Don't let the driver send to villa doorway.He then got off at the door.Then on foot walk to the villa.The cool breeze of night blows face.That is changed matchlessly to wide awake a while by the brains of wine anaesthesia.
    Leaf's tiger early waits at the door.Don't treat a leaf to press the door bell for autumn.He he from in drew back front door wear mouth to smile to the leaf autumn.Way:"Teacher did you come?"
    "So urgently urge me to come over.What matter son?"The autumn of the leaf simultaneously says.Part to in walk-thousand soldier silver the Li still had other violet squads to also all face.
    Ye Qiu gives an account the image of the silver Li change violet squad member of team.Soldier's qualities that doesn't want to let them highlights.The silver Li has already completed this task to choose the western dress in three kinds of different colors for nine members of violet squad.31 set.Match white underclothing.Color grain tie a 's looking to pour is like a professional bodyguard personnel.
    "Teacher we go in."Leaf's tiger pointed to point an inside.Say an outside to there are also other villa staff members.Those contentses of theirs exposed to influence not good.
    "Call captain."The autumn of the leaf says.This guy always takes the work to private feelings in let leaf for autumn cry and smile not.Provided some times still don't change of meaning.
    "Hey Hey."Leaf's tiger smiled to smile.But have no voice.The teacher is a teacher is on the first a teacher.It is life long a father.Be not so easily can more of.
    Leaf's tiger and iron cow have 1:00 it place.Be recognize a dead reason.They hold of thing.No matter how you rectify.Also the change doesn't come over.
    Like iron cow has been considering as"loach elder brother" in his heart to the leaf autumn.The autumn of the leaf hated a pole this nickname.All revealed mouth skin son.He also has no to correct the mistakes.End still leaf the autumn gave up by himself/herself.Let it take its own course.
    The small board room that provide specially in the villa in.A group of persons round to sit on the table both sides.Leaf's tiger saw one eye silver Li.Say:"The piece matter is what the senior clerk of silver Li discovers first.Or is made collective report a way to the captain by her."
    The silver Li changed the occupation suit of set ivory.Circle the silvery velour underclothing for getting.The cloth is smooth shining.The chest is full.The noodles permits Yong charmingly feminine.Returns on the bridge a glasses of purple frame.An office OL.
    The silver Li dismantles glasses to come on the table.|Wear a leaf to say for autumn:"Our task is to individual remarkable talent carry on following.Although three groups all the ability is according to scheduling to plan to approach a target.But didn't take today of arrive what achievement.Unexpectedly of BE.Just while standing to be on the third floor I.See there is a dark shadow slipping away to come in.Be like come to explore the way son.I rush out to make track for him.The speed of the regrettable other party is really too quick.Distance again some far.Wait from while jumping down down stairs.He has already lost shadow.""You are to say for a sky, field personage on your own initiative seek last we?"The autumn of the leaf pensively asks a way.Although guess to have this kind of may have never thought them of the action is so quick.
    "Yes.Very probably.I is still quite good from the Xu speed.It is also some time that jumped down to come from the third floors.Can the other party run without a trace."|The Li points at a crazy dog.Say:"Crazy dog this on the trail of expert also checked to once seek.The trace that didn't find out any someone to lead.But I clearly see have dark shadow in the back yard activity."
    "Have the feature that see the dark shadow?What special characteristic?"The autumn of the leaf asks a way.

  • daughter and studentDatum27.10.2021 08:46
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    Mu's permitting ice rain to press a root has never thought he moves of is the mind of "being total to bathe", temporarily bashful and infinite, slowly pendency head, solution next firm in the silk ribbon on the plait, don't dare to see him, unexpectedly have several cents, the matter arrives at present appearance of recognizing the life.
    Cover with to spread long hair, quiet quiet the station no longer dare to have surplus action by the side of the public baths, Qiao face the Fei is red, be suffused with cause on the skin strain but appear of chicken skin pimple.The heart has three the cents expect, three cent flurried, three cent nervous, leave penny of resist, various complicated feelings, oneself also not too says come up.
    Cun way:"How should I do?His meeting can't want to do that with me ……do I want to promise him?"The intention is definitely difficult.
    The one more turns a head, see Liao learn a soldier already all over take off red of, the muscle bands together and harms Ba to maneuver interleave on the skin, the Kua rounds a big towel, and the between the legs Tu rises a strange shape.Her oh is a , the hurried Wu lives eyes and almost drops into pond.
    Liao learns a soldier already her Lan enter bosom, the palm dauts that delicate face and up still take girlish of floss, pole is lovely, "ice rain, don't stand to beside catch cold, rain to go to quickly, I try water temperature first."
    See him thus easy, the Mu permits ice rain but heart to wildly jump, the argument is dry, and a words all can not say it and almost cover up head into chest.
    Water gradual Man Gao, fog spirit curls up, stretches hand to try temperature and calls a way:"Alas! has a little to burn.However next steep at the right moment suitable."
    The Mu permits ice rain hand and foot to accompany soft, stand unsteady body, sit on the chair to pant.Liao learns soldier's hand to take in the past, has already taken her coat away and followed again to take off an underwear.The Mu permits ice rain as if treat to kill lamb.The mind that basically could not living to resist allows to order about.
    The lace side text chest of a pink, takes a wisp empty wood grain, Liao learns soldier within an ace of asphyxiation and works well mental state preparation at this time and Be different from so hurried in locker room in the film studio, the big star ground is in a piece of meat each inch shape whole income eyes each time, the heart is particularly shocking:Is beautiful to the extreme achievement is such!
    Mu's permitting ice rain is also strains to arrive whole body the skin all start to be suffused with red of situation, the joint is stiff, understands to see oneself's toe.
    Lightly take off brassiere.Jump two regiment round and smooth and strong meat, two purple grapes embellish among them.To say that just old Liao has already suffocated this time the son heart have already stopped jumping about.What does Su ice cloud calculate?Roll a part;What does river rain Xi calculate?BE stood by side.
    Old Liao finally the beautiful dream become really and wildly swallow saliva and appreciated very in a short while and saw the Jiao Qu shivering in the air of cold Qiao.Hurriedly throw on a towel for her.Then solution descend jeans ground button.The Mu permits ice rain pretty much match, shiver to gradually recover down.
    "Liao, Liao learns a soldier, will you love me during a lifetime?"Is at the last moment, resist useless, only confirm feelings of an other party again.
    The old earnest time for Liao weighs to talk a promise very much and smell at this time the speech can not help one Leng, heart way:"Shell Xiao Dan, I equally can not be ungrateful to her.What about Alice, there are still in the seven cents cajolery for three cents, and genuine feeling, connect Su ice cloud I sincerely once liked as well at least, also is small and blue to fall, that is that the blood is thicker than aqueous natural affection ……"
    The woman being madly in love medium would rather listen to a leasing don't wish to listen to true words as well.See old Liao yea and nay don't answer, then the Zheng Zheng falls in tears.Say:"Thinking a problem also want to think is so long, originally you basically be not sincerely like me."
    Old Liao's idea activity opened and said with smile right away:"Who say that I don't like you?I not only love you lifetime, also need to continue to keep on loving, the next life bears again to turn a life time also still need to seek you do my woman, until wasteland in the sky is old."
    The Mu permits ice rain to smile through tears, the tears hangs by the side of the Sai, as if the pear flower take rain and divide an outside beautiful, say:"Is true?That is you it that love my 1?"
    "Certainly, I still have my brothers sister, daughter and student, I will also take good care of them, but on feelings, I swear that loves a Mu to permit ice rain, if disobey this Shi, thunderclap in the sky splits, don't die a natural death.

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